Welcome to the 2019 Channel Partner Insight MSP Conference 

Standing out in a crowded market


The managed services space is one of intense competition. With new MSPs cropping up on what seems to be a daily basis, most service providers are facing increasing pressure to stand out in this deeply saturated market. So, when vendors and customers alike tend to opt to work with the larger more established channel players, breaking through and defining a clear and confident offering that doesn't just mirror other services out there is one of paramount importance.

This coupled with the advent of new emerging technologies and the growing focus on quality relationship management means that MSPs face not only a myriad of challenges, but also immense opportunity. Adapting to change and capitalizing on these prospects is vital to growth and by developing an ironclad business strategy will ultimately lead to greater more valuable business outcomes.

So how do we put these principles into practice? Where are the growth opportunities? How do you increase value yet lower cost? All these questions and more will be discussed, dissected and debated at the inaugural Channel Partner Insight MSP Conference on June 6th.


The Channel Partner Insight MSP Conference is FREE to attend for senior executives from reseller organizations. If you are unsure about whether you qualify for this event, please contact [email protected]